Enjoy The Journey


At one time or another we have all said, “I want to travel the world.”  Maybe we were talking about retirement, or that year before we go to college, or just a childhood dream.  Or maybe we just want to run away.  Whatever it is, so few of us are ever so fortunate to actually “travel the world.”

What does it really mean, to “travel the world”?  I suppose it means something different to us all.  When I first began to think of it, I thought of a backpack trip across Ireland and running with the bulls in Pamplona.  “Travel the world” was something to be crossed off my bucket list, like climb a mountain, catch a really big fish, and write a book.

With every trip I take, the world gets bigger, not smaller.  Travel leads to new discoveries, new places, new people.  You are more likely these days to find me sipping drinks in the concierge lounge of a five star city hotel than backpacking across Europe.  It’s taken a tremendous amount of mistakes and bad decisions to accomplish what I have.  I have no regrets, but many lessons learned.

Traveling is not easy.  That’s the first lesson to learn.  There was a time when I could throw a toothbrush, extra t-shirt, and a pack of smokes into a satchel, walk out the front door, and go on my way without a care in the world.  That no longer works for this adult.  What’s the best bag to bring? What goes in the bag? Airlines? Resort fees? Passports? Visas?  Who’s going to watch Sir Ozzy?

This site will be a place to write about my vacations, journeys, excursions, adventures, daytrips, and some funny stories.  I’ll review hotels, cruises, and restaurants.    Tips, tricks, advice, suggestions, hopefully over time you’ll be able to find it all here.

Enjoy the journey…

9 thoughts on “Enjoy The Journey

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to your future posts! I’m a travel-lover myself who’s never been able to travel much, so it’s blogs like yours that I shall live vicariously through for the time being 🙂

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  2. Anticipating reading some amazing stories on travel to do’s and what not to do, I can’t wait! Love how you write it’s engaging and keeps you interested the whole time! Hopefully I’ll be able to learn some important travel tips that I’ll be able to use one day!

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