Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire are hosting their Great Alaskan Journey in September, 2017.  A 7 night cruise on the Star Princess out of Vancouver follows your first night at the Four Seasons.  The cruise ventures through the Inside Passage, followed by port stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.  Sightseeing in Glacier Bay National Park and College Fjord comes before disembarking in Whittier, Alaska.  Step off the cruise into an awaiting glass domed train for a six hour scenic rail ride to Talkeetna and the Denali National Park region.  The next 4 nights will be spent at various Princess Lodges with tours of Denali and the Chena River.  After salmon fishing, a visit to a sled dog facility, whale watching , and memories to last a lifetime, fly home from Fairbanks.  For more on this trip, visit Great Alaskan Journey.

2. All-Inclusive in the Caribbean


Breathtakingly beautiful beaches, wonderful year-round weather, the finest service – there are very few places in the world that rival the Caribbean Islands.  Sandals, and it’s sister brand Beaches, are the standard bearer for the All-Inclusive experience.  From the moment you get off the plane to when they bring you back, everything is taken care of.  Sandals is for couples only and has 15 distinct locations throughout the Caribbean.  Beaches is a family friendly experience located on Jamaica as well as Turks and Caicos.  Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire are proud to be Certified Sandals Specialists, and will gladly give a free consultation to anyone considering a Sandals or Beaches vacation.  Don’t book without them!

3. Cuba



FINALLY!  Since the embargo in 1960, travel to Cuba has been restricted for all Americans.  With the restrictions easing, there are now a number of ways to legally travel to this Caribbean Island.  While regulations are still tricky, Cruise Planners- Ken & Gail McGuire are well versed in the legalities and tour operators that handle the logistics.  Make this a top a destination for yourself.

     4. U.S. National Parks


“Oh Beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountains majesty, Above the fruited plains.”  Too many people never get to see how magnificent this country we live in truly is.  Take a guided tour through the U.S. National Parks.  From the Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon, YellowStone and the Black Hills, there is much to see and do.  Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire have outstanding business relationships with all the key Tour Operators, and will handle all the logistics for you.  All you have to do is Enjoy The Journey…

5. European River Cruise


The 1960’s are over and the time of backpacking through Europe is long past. With itineraries ranging from Tulips in Holland, Wine tasting in Burgundy and Provence, and Castles in Germany, a river cruise is a top option for sightseeing.  Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire are Avalon Waterways Specialists and will handle your booking from start to finish.  Call today to find out how to get free airfare.

6. Hawaii


A perennial favorite on everyone’s bucketlist, Hawaii is a must do.  From historic Pearl Harbor to the lushness of Maui, there is much to see and do in America’s 50th state.  Let Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire put your dream itinerary together for you

7. Iceland

Dramatic Auroras In Iceland

Ironically, the coolest place on this list is also the hottest.  Iceland steps up in popularity every year.  See the Northern Lights, the Blue Lagoon, and Mt. Eyjafjallajökull.  With names like that, don’t take this booking into your own hands, let Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire handle the hard part for you.

8. Bermuda 


With all the major cruise lines making regular trips to this English island off the East Coast, it’s easy enough to get to.  Immersed in old culture, great restaurants, hotels, and beaches, what’s not to love?  Call Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire to plan the perfect 5-7 night getaway.

9. A Cruise Anywhere


My favorite part of a cruise is that every morning you wake up in a different place – and you’ve done absolutely nothing to get there!  Cruise Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire have tremendous buying power with all the cruise lines, and because of that, are able to provide you with more than you’ll ever get on you own.  Our priority is to provide you the best value for your trip along with the best service.  Think of us as your own personal Travel Concierge, for FREE!

10. Anywhere Else In The World You Want To Go


Travel.  It’s the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer.  From Rio de Janeiro to Machu Pichu, Disney World to Tokyo, a South African safari to the Fairmont in Lake Louise… Cruise – Planners – Ken & Gail McGuire, we’re making your travel dreams come true.

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Set the day right, Mon.

Set the day right, Mon.

I always thought if I got to Jamaica it would be to live in a tree-house in the hills.  I would smoke ganja all day, study the flowers, and listen to nothing but Bob Marley.  I would grow dreadlocks and live on a fish diet.  But, oh, how different this trip would be.

The winter was brutal.  While every winter is harder on my aging body, this one was particularly bad.  I needed a vacation.

King Of The Mountain!

My winter blues dissipated as the dark North Atlantic water turned to Caribbean Blue.

We reached the Sandals Arrival Lounge at the airport.  We changed into shorts, had a quick washroom visit, got wi-fi passwords, and had my first 3 Red Stripes (in clear plastic cups), then escorted to our ride.  The driver and I tried to decipher each other’s accents; he reassured me Jamaicans have the greatest accent in the world.

On the two lane highway cars work together, pulling to one side or another as they pass haphazardly.  Jamaicans use car horns to say hello.  We heard dozens of horns, not one in anger.  No worries, Mon.

Sandals Royal Plantation.

Through the open air lobby blue Caribbean water was immediately visible.  We left winter behind and the warm breeze could not have been more welcoming.  I took a deep breathe and realized everything will be okay.  “Don’t worry ’bout a thing, Mon.  Welcome home.”

Sandals Royal Plantation is the smallest of their resorts.  The property is made up of 74 suites, each with personal butlers.  Our butler for the week, Ashford, escorted us to our digs, handed me an I-pod, and said “check yourself in, Mon.”  I got confused and promptly erased our entire reservation.  I needed another Red Stripe.  “No worries Mon”, he fixed it for us later.

The beach view from our balcony.

The warm, salty, humid air of the Caribbean is medicinal.  Bones and joints become flexible, aches and pains go away.  I rose early every morning and treked to a gazebo for a personal yoga and meditation session.  “Set the day right, Mon,” my new Rasta friend Maji said to me.  I did.

Maji in the morning.
My new friend Maji.
Acoustic reggae tunes filled the air.

The main entertainment was an ostentation of peacocks (yes, that is the right word) that strut around the property.   At last count there were 19, only two of which are adult males, and both are named George.

This is a small resort, with not many dining choices.  Ashford took it upon himself to reserve dinner for us at the specialty restaurant.   The food here is better than any other all-inclusive.

When not eating, we lounged on the beach, enjoying the blue sky and clear water.  And watching the sand crabs.  They blend perfectly with the white sand, noticed only when scurrying along the beach.   The days were lazy, with no shortage of beverages, and the occasional aroma of weed.  Like all resorts in Jamaica, for safety concerns we were told not to leave without a plan.

I went fishing.  After trolling for hours without a bite, I had the chair when the big one hit.  The big Mahi-Mahi was one of the coolest fish I ever caught!

Mahi-mahi Mon!

During dinner on our last evening, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Executive Chef.  A laid back European, he wanted to know what we thought of his restaurants.  I raved about the great time I had, and how good the food was, but explained we rarely, if ever, return to the same place twice.  There are just too many wonderful places in the world.  Chef looked us straight in the eyes, and said with all sincerity, “What specifically is it that we have to do to ensure your return?”

Sandals Royal Plantation, we’ll be back again someday, but we have other places to visit first.

Set the day right Mon.